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PHILIPS HUE, Why is this product so in demand? see the review ...

Philips HUE is a smart lighting system, which is a smart light that can be connected to the internet and wireless networks via zigbee technology, everything is easy for you to enjoy the 16 million colors of diversity in the hands of a smartphone. A connection that's easy to install and use for everyone. You can also feel the ease of the control system through dimmer accessories, gadgets / smartphones, smartwatches and voice control. Philips HUE can easily adjust the level of light brightness in your home, creating the right atmosphere for various conditions, to provide a sense of security when traveling.

The Philips Hue application can be linked with the Hue Sync application, which you can enjoy through the Windows and MAC operating systems, so the PHILIPS HUE can enhance your entertainment experience whether it's watching TV, playing games or listening to music.

Enhance your experience with light effects:

- Brightness adjustment
Adjust the brightness level to adjust the intensity of the light effect.

- Immersion control
Choose between various immersion modes from normal to intense to personalize the experience.

- Fashion change
Change the color or white tones via presets and create lighting settings to suit your entertainment experience.

Philips Hue LED smart light

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The smart and energy efficient LED light that makes Philips Hue come alive. Produces bright and beautiful light and is easy to apply to accompany your daily life in special moments and feel new experiences. Easy to apply, low light, flash, flash, just about anything you want can be done. Available in various shapes, sizes and models to suit your home.

Wireless smart hub: The Bridge

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The bridge is the centerpiece of the Philips Hue system which connects your smart device to Philips Hue lights. You can install up to 50 Philips Hue lamps and accessories in one Bridge. Connect to a Wi-Fi network via a router, further connecting your system via the internet so you can control it from anywhere. Also enjoy various other advanced features. Get The Bridge in each Philips Hue starter kit or buy separately and then build the Philips Hue system of your dreams.

Smart control

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You can control the Philips Hue system from a variety of devices, anywhere. The easiest way to determine light levels, time of day, change colors and more, is through the Philips Hue app. Find more advanced functions through third-party applications developed specifically for Philips Hue. You don't have to be at home to adjust the lighting. This is complete peace of mind.

Wireless smart lighting system

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Philips Hue was developed based on ZigBee LightLink, an energy efficient, safe and reliable technology for managing your home lighting. New features are continuously being developed so that they are even more useful. Software and firmware updates can be done wirelessly and directly on the light. The Philips Hue system can easily be integrated with other ZigBee based systems to create a smart home.

To feel the sophistication of this Philips technology, you can have it in your online subscription shop immediately.

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