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Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak, Samsung has Four flagship Products, Smart Electronics at Home (Samsung Air Dresser, Air Purifier AX60R, Jet Vacuum Cleaner, Microwave MW5000T)

To maintain cleanliness and health during a pandemic, Samsung Electronics Indonesia provides recommendations for household electronic products in the form of an Air Dresser, Air Purifier, Jet Vacuum Cleaner, and Microwave.

Samsung Air Dresser 

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Samsung Air Dresser has the ability to remove bacteria, viruses, and allergens thanks to Jet Steam technology which spray high temperature steam. This technology can kill up to 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria, 100 percent of house mites, eliminating 99 percent of odors that cause gas and 99 percent of other harmful substances.
This device, which can be controlled from a cellphone via the SmartThings application, also has a Jet Air + Jet Hanger which can blow air into clothes to remove dirt and dust that sticks to and inside the fibers of the clothes. It is believed that drying clothes with HeatPump Drying technology will not cause damage or shrinkage.

Samsung AX60R air purifier 

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Samsung AX60R air purifier is suitable for use in a child's room or living room. This Air Purifier cleans the air through 3 stages, namely: filtering dust, absorbing bad odors, and removing bacteria and ultrasound dust particles. With a PM2.5 filter, this Samsung air purifier can remove up to 99.97% of small dust particles and bacteria in the air. In addition, there is also a dust sensor with 4 indicator lights to make it easier for you to find out how clean the air is in the room. Here are all the advantages of the Samsung AX60R Air Purifier.
3-stage cleaning: Absorbs dust, removes unpleasant odors, and filters small micron-sized harmful particles and bacteria
    Equipped with a PM2.5 filter, clean ultra small particles (0.3㎛) up to 99.97%
    The filter can be removed and cleaned
    Auto Mode monitors air quality and cleans the air automatically
    Sleep Mode works quieter and without lights
    Special indicator to measure the concentration of hazardous gases in the air
    Special indicator for measuring the concentration of dust in the air
    4 indicator lights to help monitor the air quality in the room.

Jet Vacuum Cleaner 

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Jet Vacuum Cleaner which Samsung claims is able to suck up 99.99 percent of micro dust and has a strong suction power. This smart vacuum can suck up leftover dust, dirt, food crumbs, pet hair.Samsung Jet can also filter the finest 0.3-10┬Ám dust and allergens through the Jet Cyclone's five layers and multi-cyclone structure which makes the process faster and releases cleaner air.
In addition, the dust in the air in the house can be sucked through the Samsung Air Purifier with a layered filtering system. The filtered dust will pass through the filtering of large dust particles followed by the Deo Carbon filter which removes harmful gases.
Then HEPA filtration with a dust filter that can filter particles as small as 0.3 microns and capture 99.97 percent of dust. Users can also control indoor air quality from other parts of the house with the SmartThings application for the AX60R type so that they will have fresh air in the room when they return to the room. After keeping the house and its contents clean, the body must be maintained so that immunity increases as an important key to resisting the virus.

MW5000T microwave 

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MW5000T microwave features a Grill Fry to carry out the oil-free cooking process with a large capacity of up to 30 liters.That way, this smart microwave from Samsung can produce healthier food with a crunchy and delicious texture.
This microwave is also equipped with a simple user interface that makes operation easier for beginners. Then the new Grill Fry grill function will ensure users can cook without using oil. There is also a Bread Defrost feature that can warm bread that has just come out of the refrigerator, making it crispy like freshly baked.

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